I just joined the Zombie Cafe wikia this week!

I have been a player of the game for several years. It's one of my favorite mobile games.

I like the pace of the game. Once you get your level up and learn a bunch of recipes, you don't have to mess around with 2 minute recipes. You can do ones that take 24 hours and generate a lot of servings of food, as far as the cooking/leveling aspect goes. Raiding is a fun change of pace. You get to do a little combat.

I added about 20 upper level recipes to the recipe list page today.

I've reached out to find where a good place (apropos page) is where I can contribute a set of simple leveling strategies. Such tips can save you time and in-game resources. Longtime players likely already know them. People who are new to the game can benefit from knowing these early on in the game.

I have a bunch of questions myself. I will bring them up from time to time, to see if I am on the right track—and have not overlooked something I can take advantage of or should try to avoid.

I haven't been active on Wikia in years. It's a very pleasant surprise to see how eloquently, elegantly, and attactively it has been gamified, styled, and so forth. Even the WYSIWG rich text/content editors seem much improved. The service in general seems much more polished.

The Zombie Cafe wikia is especially atractive. I looks very clean and crisp.