Toxin (毒) is an item from Zombie Cafe that is more valuable than money. It can be used for multiple purposes, such as:

  • Replenishing energy levels of zombies.
  • Reviving dead zombies faster.
  • Cook a recipe faster.
  • Infecting some types of customers.
  • Unlocking some types of chefs.
  • Purchase some items in the store, including money.
  • Automatically reopen a closed rival café. (2 Toxins per café)
  • Bribe the reviewer. (2-8 Toxins)
  • Unlock different variations of a recipe. (North America only, 5 Toxins per variation)
  • Buy rare zombies in the Gacha. (Japan only. 30 Toxins per zombie, and 300 Toxins for 11 zombies)

Toxins are obtainable via raids as rare drops. The chances of obtaining a toxin varies by how far is the level of the café under attack compared to the player's café. Toxins can also be obtained by purchasing them with real-life money. 5 Toxins are given out free in the start of the game. If the player has the game updated and is online, it is possible to obtain free Toxin by doing certain tasks, like watching ads and installing suggested apps.

In the Japanese version Toxins can also be obtained in events.

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