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The Meat Locker (ミートロッカー) is used by the player to keep zombies that aren't in use, so they aren't lost due to the limit of zombies working in the café. It was added in a later version of Zombie Cafe.

Sacrifice KitchenEdit

In the Japanese version, zombies working in the café and stored in the Meat Locker can be used in a "Sacrifice Kitchen" (生贄キッチン) to be turned into recipes that make the zombies stronger. Up to 10 zombies can be used at a time. This makes for a useful way to get rid of unwanted zombies other than firing them. Note that only experience is passed, so the techniques and ampoules from sacrified zombies will be lost. Combining two identical zombies will give a bonus to its stats, indicated by a mark above their fucking level. This bonus maxes out after eating four identical zombies.

Sacrified zombies give experience based on their rarity and level:

Lv.0 0503506001,0005,00010,000
Lv.1 ?703756301,0405,05010,060
Lv.2 ?1304507201,1605,20010,240
Lv.3 ?2506009001,4005,50010,600
Lv.4 ?4909001,2601,8806,10011,320
Lv.5 ?9701,5001,9802.8407,30012,760
Lv.6 .....................

The amount of experience received increases in an irregular basis.

Some zombies are an exception to this rule, mainly the Hato zombies. Below are some of them:

(Level 0)
Choi Kyōka Hato (white)1000
Kyōka Hato (copper)5000
Kyōka Hato niisan15000
Chō Kyōka Hato (silver)30000
Goku Kyōka Hato (gold)50000
Daitōryō Hato100000



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