Starting Cafe

The player's starting café

Café (カフェ) is an establishment that primarily serves coffee and other beverages and food, varying depending of the area. In Zombie Cafe, the player owns a café, and the rival cafés are places that players can visit and raid. Players can also collect fees from the café of friends. After a raid, they rebuild in 6 hours, although some may take eighteen hours or more. The player may gain toxin, recipes, and money while raiding. Also, a raid may give access to a new main chef, such as Frankenstein.

Café improvementEdit

The player starts with an old café that can be improved by buying new content in the shop, which is divided in six sections: Featured, Decor (Café 1), Utility (Kitchen), Furniture (Chairs / Tables), Walls/Floors, and Special. Featured shows the most recent additions to the shop (thus it is not listed below), Decor contains decorations, Utility contains what is needed in the kitchen, Furniture has chairs and tables for the clients, Walls/Floors change the appearance of the same, and Special contains decoration used outdoors. With some exceptions (mainly walls and floors), it is possible to store most content bought in the shop after a certain level.

In the Japanese version the shop has seven sections, "Café 2" (wall decorations) being combined with Walls/Floors in others versions.


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